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If you live in Droitwich and are looking for an emergency dentist, then Droitwich Dental Studio is here to help! We understand that dental emergencies can be very stressful, which is why we aim to provide you with the same high-quality dental service that we offer all of our patients. Our emergency dentist team is here for you, so if you are in pain don’t hesitate to call us today.

Reasons Why You Need Emergency Treatment 

Dental emergencies are not always recognised properly. Therefore, in order to take the right action, you must first recognise what they are and what they are not.

There are many reasons why you might need an emergency dentist: A sudden toothache, a chipped or broken tooth, or an infected tooth. You might need urgent dental care to save your teeth from being pulled or to stop the pain of an abscessed tooth. A dental emergency is anything serious and potentially life-threatening that needs urgent dental treatment. This usually entails stopping bleeding and alleviating severe pain and infection. You can contact us today at the Droitwich Dental Studio and we’ll get you on the road to recovery.

How To Prevent Future Dental Emergencies

Routine dental checkups are crucial to maintaining oral health and preventing diseases. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, maintaining good oral hygiene and practising good oral habits to prevent future dental emergencies.

Following these tips will help you maintain good oral health:

  • Brush your teeth two times a day
  • Rinse your mouth after eating and drinking
  • Brush and floss after eating non-vegetarian foods
  • Brush your teeth more gently as hard brushing can lead to gum injuries
  • Floss to remove any small food particles from the gaps in your teeth
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Avoid eating too many sugary foods such as chocolate and sweets
  • Avoid alcohol and fizzy drinks
  • Use a mouthwash to keep your mouth fresh
  • Clean your tongue
  • Avoid smoking

Make An Emergency Call Today 

Private Dentist Emergency Droitwich 

When you have a sudden toothache or dental emergency it is important to contact your dentist as soon as possible. If you live in Droitwich and are required to see a dentist straight away, we will do our best to get you in as soon as possible. Contact us as soon as you can.


Emergency Dentist FAQs

If your toothache continues for more than two days, please visit a dentist. You should see the dentist sooner if you have a high fever, pain when biting down, or swelling in your mouth. There are a few things you can do to ease the pain in the first two days if you have a toothache: Take painkillers like paracetamol and ibuprofen to soothe the pain Rinse your mouth with salt water (if you’re an adult) Avoid chewing too much or eating very hot or cold foods
After an emergency dental situation like a knocked-out tooth, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible. If possible, try to arrive at the dentist's within half an hour. Within this time, try and place your tooth gently back into its socket, keeping your tooth in place by biting down on your teeth. Make sure your tooth's root goes in first and the tooth faces the right way. Sometimes, your original tooth can't be saved. This may be due to the damage it suffered or the length of time that it was out of your mouth. If this is the case, a solution for you can be a dental implant, which will mimic your tooth with the look and feel of a natural tooth while also preserving natural tooth functions.
You should never remove a tooth yourself. You could severely injure your mouth. Go to a dentist for dental care and advice if you have any dental concerns.
No, dental abscesses won't disappear on their own. You will need to go to the dentist so they can help the infection heal. You may also need to take antibiotics depending on how extensive the infection is. An infection from an abscess could spread to your mouth or other areas of your neck. It's crucial that you get treated at the dentist as soon as possible.

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