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Tooth shaping is a general cosmetic term for treatment that adjusts the length or width of a tooth, to make it look more level and symmetrical. It is very conservative to the tooth and can create drastic results.

The shaping may involve smoothening part of your tooth to improve its appearance or may involve sticking some tooth-coloured filling to build up the tooth.

It is a quick and painless procedure and is treated in a single session.

Reasons For Tooth Shaping

One common reason for tooth shaping is to address irregular tooth shapes. Some people naturally have teeth that are misshapen, uneven or have irregular edges. Tooth shaping can help reshape the teeth to create a more balanced and harmonious smile. By carefully removing or contouring small amounts of enamel, the teeth can be reshaped to improve their overall aesthetics and enhance the patient’s self-confidence.

Minor chips or fractures in the teeth can also be a reason for tooth shaping. Teeth that have minor chips or fractures can be smoothed or contoured through tooth shaping to create a more polished appearance. This can help restore the natural contours of the teeth, improving their appearance and preventing further damage or deterioration.

Tooth shaping can also be used to address slight overlaps or misalignments of teeth that are not severe enough to require orthodontic treatment. By reshaping the teeth, minor dental alignment issues can be corrected, resulting in a more visually appealing smile. This can be particularly useful for patients who may not want or need braces or other orthodontic treatments.

Another reason for tooth shaping is to make proportionate adjustments to the size and shape of teeth. Teeth that are slightly longer or shorter than their counterparts can be reshaped to create a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing smile. By carefully contouring the teeth, tooth shaping can help achieve better tooth proportions and symmetry, resulting in an improved overall appearance of the smile.

Enhancing smile aesthetics is also a common motivation for patients to choose tooth shaping. Many people seek cosmetic dental procedures to improve the overall appearance of their smile. By carefully reshaping the teeth, tooth shaping can help create a more attractive and harmonious smile, enhancing the patient’s facial aesthetics and boosting their confidence.

The Benefits Of Shaping Your Teeth

✓ Improves appearance by changing the shape or size of teeth

✓ Fixes chipped, cracked, crooked, or minorly misaligned teeth

✓ Easier to clean the spaces between teeth

✓ Only requires a single appointment

Dental reshaping can be achieved in one sitting and only requires one visit to the dentist.

 ✓ Reshapes teeth quickly

The process of reshaping teeth may take thirty minutes to an hour, depending on your needs.

✓ Permanent solution and does not require any other procedures

Dental contouring is a permanent, one-time procedure. Careful care must be taken after the process to prevent further enamel loss.


Tooth Shaping FAQ

As we have trained and highly experienced cosmetic dentists, we can help with this procedure if you want your teeth to be free of chips and cracks, appear less crowded, have fewer overlaps, or not have pits or grooves in the enamel. By undergoing dental contouring, you can radically improve the way you feel about your smile. Tooth reshaping should be limited to minor changes, or combined with veneers or bonding for the best smile.

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