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Are you struggling with missing teeth that are affecting your ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence? Dentures offer a tried-and-true solution that can help you regain your oral function and restore your smile.

Dentures are custom-made removable dental appliances which function to replace missing teeth and support your gums. They can be made to replace single, multiple or all remaining teeth and are fabricated from a variety of materials such as acrylic, metal or flexible material.

At Droitwich Dental Studio, we take great care in ensuring that your dentures fit as well as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our many denture services.

How Are Dentures Made?

The process of creating dentures typically involves several steps and may vary depending on the specific type of denture being made.

Here’s an overview of how dentures are typically made:

Initial Consultation and Dental Impressions: The first step in making dentures is to have an initial consultation with a dentist or prosthodontist. During this consultation, the dentist will assess the patient’s oral health, discuss their needs and preferences, and take dental impressions. Dental impressions are moulds of the patient’s gums and any remaining teeth, which are used as a basis for creating the dentures.

Customised Design: Using the dental impressions, the dentist or dental laboratory technician will create a customised design for the dentures. This includes determining the size, shape, and colour of the teeth to be used in the dentures, as well as the appropriate materials for the denture base.

Trial Fitting and Adjustments: Once the dentures are designed, a trial fitting will be conducted to ensure proper fit and comfort. The patient will try on the dentures, and any necessary adjustments will be made to ensure a proper fit. This may involve adjusting the shape, size, or position of the denture teeth or the denture base.

Finalisation and Fabrication: Once the trial fitting and adjustments are complete, the final denture will be fabricated. This involves creating the denture teeth using materials such as acrylic or porcelain and setting them in the denture base. The denture base is typically made of acrylic or metal, and it is designed to fit snugly over the patient’s gums.

Delivery and Follow-Up: Once the dentures are completed, they will be delivered to the patient, and the dentist or prosthodontist will provide instructions on how to wear and care for the dentures. Follow-up appointments may be scheduled to ensure proper fit and function, and any further adjustments or refinements may be made as needed.

Our dentist will take the time to assess your gums and teeth, go through options and recommend the most appropriate material and design for you.

How to clean Dentures

Since dentures are removable, they must be taken out every night, and ideally between meals to be cleaned.

Even though dentures are made up of artificial teeth, bacteria, plaque, and tartar still build up on them and cause harm to existing teeth.

Dentures should be cleaned by taking them out of your mouth and running clean water over them to remove any food particles that might be stuck between the teeth, along the gum line, or underneath the structure. Denture brushes or very soft toothbrushes can be used to clean dentures. You shouldn’t use regular toothpaste, electric toothbrushes, or any other cleaner as these are abrasive and can damage denture materials. Rinse them well after cleaning.

You should clean your gums and any natural teeth with a very soft and wet toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste while your dentures are out of your mouth. Wrap your finger in a wet, soft washcloth and gently rub your gums, covering all surfaces.

Dentures Before and After

Before and After
Before and After

Dentures FAQ

An alternative option to dentures is having dental implants or dental bridges. Having either options depends on the health of your mouth, and by visiting our practice, we can do a full assessment and give you all options to best suit you.
Wearing dentures when you sleep is bad for your health, and can cause you a number of issues down the road. Taking your dentures out every night before you go to sleep will ensure that your mouth remains as healthy as possible.
Wearing dentures when you sleep is bad for your health, and can cause you a number of issues down the road. Taking your dentures out every night before you go to sleep will ensure that your mouth remains as healthy as possible.

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