Retainers are a crucial component of maintaining the results of your orthodontic treatment, and investing in high-quality retainers can help you keep your smile straight and stunning for years to come.

Retainers are clear plastic moulds of your teeth worn at night to keep your teeth in the same position at the end of the brace treatment.

Other forms of retainers can be made to help protect teeth from cracking or wearing away if you grind and clench.

We are proud to provide Vivera Retainers, which are premium retainers made by Invisalign.

Retainers FAQ

Removable retainers and fixed retainers are both available. Anyone who had braces as an adult should wear a retainer forever.
We advise using a clean toothbrush or denture brush with anti bacterial soap under some cold water. We advise against using toothpaste as it can be abrasive and lead to an increased bacterial build up on the retainers. Alternatively there are also specialist Retainer Cleaning tablets. You can purchase Retainer-Brite or Aligner Crystals from us.

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